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New Vision Productions have considerable experience in the production of documentary films, spanning many of the world's continents.

From hard hitting documentaries that highlight the plight of some of the world's most disadvantaged people, through to character-driven films that display the opulence of million dollar lifestyles and the trappings that go with them, New Vision have both the creativity and technical ability to turn an initial concept into a finished programme, ready for distribution via whatever means you wish.

The corporate identity of a company is one of its greatest assets and the majority of companies today have some form of corporate or promotional programme. New Vision Productions specialize in such projects and have, over the years completed a wide range of commissions. From fairly small operations right through to multi-national companies, programmes can be produced for use within the company website, on DVD for physical distribution, or as part of a larger company presentation.

Creative and sophisticated editing techniques are used to maximize the impact of what may be either an already dynamic or an uninspiring product.

A corporate programme can impart so much more information than many other forms of promotion, giving the customer an instantly positive view on the product or company.

Filming underwater is a very specialized skill and New Vision Productions have an on-staff crew able to gather footage in almost any location across the world. From the depths of a deserted shipwreck to the stunning visual beauty of the coral reef, our team can capture stunning underwater images on broadcast-level, highly specialized underwater equipment. Our team are primarily film-makers, however, so therefore understand what is required to effectively capture the world beneath the oceans.

When there is perhaps only one chance to capture the subject and the possibility for direction is understandably limited, you can trust New Vision productions to deliver, at whatever depth..

Whether it be single, dual or multi-camera coverage, New Vision have the experience and expertise to record a diverse range of events, from business conferences to high energy live concerts and everything in between. Recordings can be relayed live to the assembled audience using either high quality video projection systems or the very latest in video wall technology.

Professional and unobtrusive yet diligent and efficient, the New Vision production team have the ability to record events of all sizes.

Be it the launch of a new product to either staff or customers, a DVD instruction booklet, or an educational package designed for use in schools and colleges, New Vision Productions have the creative ability to deliver. In today’s ever-changing world, the need to keep up to date with modern technology is increasingly demanding and the visual medium of video/DVD is without doubt the de facto choice for this generation. Wherever information needs to be imparted, New Vision Productions are able to find the most concise way of presenting it to your chosen market.

Education is knowledge and knowledge is everything..